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Hull Solfed has continued to picket Poundland over it’s involvement in the governments discredited workfare scheme, holding a picket on the 8th, and a week later on the 15th. Hull SolFed intends to keep holding weekly pickets of the shop, starting at 1pm every Saturday.

Both the 8th and the 15th had a decent turn out of six people, handing out a large number of leaflets (a couple of hundred, approx), talking to many members of the public, and turning some shoppers away from Poundland. The 8th was marked by EDL activity, although our picket took place long after they had disappeared into a pub somewhere, and we were in contact with other local anti-fascists on the day. The 15th was noticeably less hectic, and luckily had much nicer weather (we may even have to buy some sunscreen for next time).Alongside Hull Solfed, we were joined on the picket line by a number of supporters, all from different backgrounds, including unemployed and retired people.

Hull SF is determined to keep holding pickets until Poundland withdraws, and are committed to holding them regularly. Anyone in the Hull area who wants to support the anti-workfare campaign is urged to join us on our picket or email us at

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