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The Solidarity Federation ('SolFed') is a revolutionary union initiative: a working class organisation which seeks the abolition of capitalism and the state. This page contains answers to common questions about joining, but don't hesitate to get in touch if you're unsure about anything, or would like more information. To join, simply send us an email and we'll take it from there.

Who can join?

Any worker, employed, unemployed or studying may join SolFed, so long as they agree to work within our Constitution.

Certain workers have roles and interests that are incompatible with the aims and principles of anarcho-syndicalism and are barred from membership. These include:

  • police and prison officers;

  • those who have the power to restrain or imprison in detention centres of all varieties;
  • full-time trade union officials;
  • officers or holders of Executive positions in political parties;
  • scabs;
  • those who have ultimate power to to hire and fire or those whose primary role in the workplace is to hire and fire

SolFed is an independent organisation that aims to unite all revolutionary workers: if you are in doubt, get in touch with us.

Why join us?

If you’re a worker (employed, unemployed, retired...) and think that this life doesn’t give you everything you deserve and that your work does not let you develop yourself, if you want a world without capitalism and hierarchy, then there are good reasons to join the Solidarity Federation.
  • advice and support from experienced militant workers
  • a platform for your ideas in our publications
  • maintain your autonomy within our directly democratic, federal structure
  • members control: no steering committees, no full-timers and no party line!
  • develop your political ideas with regular discussions
If you share our methods and goals, then you should join us because we are both better off: we are both in a better position to realise our aims. You maintain your autonomy but gain the platform, support and experience of an international organisation. We grow as an organisation, increasing our ability to support one another and pursue our goals.

What does membership involve?

All SolFed members belong to both a Local and an Industrial Network/Union. Locals currently group together all members based on geography, while Networks group together based on industry.

Locals typically meet fortnightly, and are currently the centres of our activity. This includes:

  • organising in our workplaces

  • solidarity work for other workers, from advice to pickets
  • writing articles and analysis
  • paying monthly subs to support our activities (these are set by Locals, and are a minimum of £3/month)

The Local is the basic building block of the federation, and where we meet to make decisions, get advice and support one another.

Joining up...

Use the contact form below to email the Solidarity Federation External Relations Officer, who'll put you in touch with your nearest Local. They'll answer any questions you might have, and arrange to meet up.

Get in touch to get involved!