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Direct action #47 (Summer 2009)

  • editorial: Why Anarcho-Syndicalism Remains Relevant Today
  • A Contradiction at the Heart of Chaos - regulation of global financial markets to solve boom and bust is a non-starter
  • Occupy and Defy - the Visteon workers’ struggle and their union
  • Lewisham Occupation - a community fighting to save its primary school
  • Fujitsu Attack on Pensions
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - immigrant cleaners’: the “hard-to-organise” are self-organising
  • Breaking Isolation - domestic abuse and workplace support
  • The Big Green Con - seeing through the sham of “green” capitalism
  • our history: The Great Dock Strike of 1889 - for the anarchist movement, a significant event that turned abstract talk into what ultimately became anarcho-syndicalism
  • No Platform for Fascism - the BNP, despite “ordinary people” voting for it, is a fascist party and must continue to be confronted as such
  • have your say: Anarchism & Crime/ Crime / the Miami Five / Left Luggage/ English National Resistance
  • A Rebellious Tradition - is there cause for optimism amid greed, corruption & inequality?
  • international: the CNT vs. Ryanair/ General Strike for the Amazon/ Killing for Profit
  • reviews: Paul Mason - Live Working or Die Fighting and Meltdown/ Kate Sharpley Library - A Grand Cause; The Federación Anarquista Uruguaya and Salvador Puig Antich & the MIL
  • closer look: Seeing Sense in the Age of Stupid - alienation, power and the case for social transformation
  • DA resources: Solidarity Federation booklets, contacts, information and friends & neighbours
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Direct Action #46 (Spring 2009)

Inside this issue:

  • Editorial: The Green Shoots of Class Consciousness?
  • Beyond the Usual Union Structures
  • PFI: The Economics of the Madhouse
  • The Dead End of Nationalisation - how state ownership does not, never has, and never will serve our class
  • Breeding like Rats - the professional middle classes under new labour
  • The Crisis Factory - the roots of the global ecological crisis
  • A Killer at Work / Have your Say - single status / g20 / sapphire
  • 1976 and all that
  • Looking back at the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike
  • If Voting could Change the System... - the libertarian case for direct democracy
  • The Union or the Party
  • International - argentina / spain / germany / guadeloupe
  • Reviews - flat earth news / the dirty thirty / liberal fascism / the matthew herbert big band / the common place
  • Anarchism and Crime
  • Contacts Directory
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Direct Action #43 (Summer 2008)

Inside this issue:

4: Have your Say - religion / climate / Yarl’s Wood
6: Public Sector Strikes Coming your Way
7: Unison Witch Hunt
8: Pensions under Attack
9: Reclaim Higher Education
10: No Such Thing as Class? - classless society / class in Crewe / low pay trap
13: Hostel Residents Fight Back / Academy Site Occupied
14: A Housing Timebomb? - gentrification, class & social policy
16: Food for Thought - food prices, starvation, obesity and the global disease
18: The Workers’ Friend - Rudolf Rocker & the Arbeter Fraint Jewish anarchist group
21: From Protest to Resistance - opposing globalisation
25: International - Starbucks / Mayday 2008
28: Reviews - past tense / the shock doctrine / under two dictators
30: Workers’ Solidarity, not Immigration Control - a closer look at the immigration ‘debate’ & organising immigrant workers
35: Contacts Directory

Direct Action #42 (Spring 2008)

3: Editorial: Them & Us - the class war and economic slowdown
5: Letters - respect / football fans bite back
6: With Friends like these - what we can do about unions failing to protect us
7: S. London SF Act against Underpaying Restaurant
8: London Coalition Against Poverty
10: Tenant Privacy Breached / Education Workers
11: No Such Thing as Class? - poverty / education / health
14: War is Murder for Profit - Iraq, Afghanistan & the War on Terror
16: The First Casualty of War - Harry, the Media & Afghanistan
17: International - Colombia / Poland
18: The ‘May Days’ - a turning point in the Spanish Revolution
22: International - Mexico / Iran
23: Unione Sindacale Italiana - interview with Italian anarcho-syndicalist
26: Reviews - beyond bullets / making a killing / the anarchist past / my revolutionary life / red mutiny
31: Anarchism, Sex & Freedom - a closer look at the fight against capitalism, patriarchy & repressive religious morality
35: Contacts Directory

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Direct Action #45 (Winter 2009)

Inside this issue:

  • 4: Dreaming in the Downturn - will state intervention herald a new dawn for social democrats?
  • 6: Japanese Lesson
  • 7: Shameful Scenes as BNP Gather in Liverpool
  • 10: Self-Organising in Mental Health
  • 14: Have your Say - anti-capitalist feminist conference / reforming parliament? / address unknown
  • 15: DIY Politics - solidarity between community, workplace and social movements
  • 16: Anarcha-Feminism or Death! - the relevance of anarchism and feminism today
  • 18: Recessive Tendencies - a tale of boom, bust and that old devil called capitalism
  • 20: Workers Control, not Controlled Workers - the case for libertarian socialism and workers control
  • 23: International - italy / greece / colombia
  • 25: 50 Years of Fidelismo - global focus on cuba
  • 30: Reviews - realizing hope / a century of writing on the iww / demanding the impossible / chris wood
  • 32: The Curse of Oil - a closer look at oil dependence
  • 35: Contacts Directory
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Direct Action #44 (Autumn 2008)

  • Direct Action; Inside this issue;
  • The Aims of the Solidarity Federation
  • Editorial - Privatising Profits, Socialising Losses
  • Have your say:
    • The Shock Doctrine
    • The Shape of Things to Come
    • Financial Crisis: What Happened? What Next?
    • Union Busters
  • Credit Crunches and Capitalist Calamities
  • Our Health, our Care, our Say? You must be Joking - reports and comment from the health and social care frontline:
    • Putting Profits First
    • Migrant Care Workers Abused
    • Battle to Save GP Surgeries
    • Comment
    • Housing Associations & Housing Benefit
  • No such thing as class?:
    • Health and Wealth
    • Tax Credits favour the middle class
    • Domestic Fuel: The Facts
  • Work, Buy, Consume, Die!: why capitalism needs the consumer dream and we don’t
  • Work is Slavery: unsavoury truths of the global capitalist production line
  • Anarchism, Fascism & the State
  • The Social General Strike
  • International:
    • (Canada) Farmed and Dangerous: the human and environmental impact of salmon farming;
    • (Poland) Lionbridge: International Solidarity;
    • (Serbia) A New Wave of State Repression;
    • (Argentina) IWA Day of Action;
    • (Greece) One Way Round the Recession;
    • (Argentina) Interview with Jacinto Cerdá F.O.R.A. General Secretary;
    • (Argentina) La Pérgola Dispute
  • Review - kate sharpley library:
    • Rebellious Spirit: Maria Occhipinti & the Ragusa Anti-Draft Revolt of 1945 (eds. P. Sharkey & A. Key)
  • Reviews - AK Press:
    • Free Comrades: Anarchism & Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917 (by Terence Kissack);
    • An Anarchist FAQ;
    • Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists and Vacant-Lot Gardeners Are Inventing the Future Today (by Chris Carlsson);
    • Address Unknown (by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor Simon & Schuster)
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - the roots of violence: economic and political relationships between war and gangsterism
  • Solfed/IWA contacts; locals; other local contacts; other contacts & information; friends & neighbours

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