We publish an irregular local newsletters. We alo produce leaflets every now and then, usually for particular event. Find past ones below.

Past newsletter issues

Brighton Solidarity - newsletter #4 The Christmas edition of the Brighton Solfed newsletter has articles analysing a BHW dispute with a cafe, agency work for migrant workers, and the facts on zero hours contracts. (go to post or pdf) (from Dec 2014)
Brighton Solidarity - newsletter #3 Our summer edition comes with articles on the July 10 public sector strike, our dispute with at a greengrocer usin zero-hours contracts, a succesful BHW case supporting a restaurant worker who had (go to post or pdf) (from Jul 2014)
Direct Action Solidarity newsletter #2 This time we're announcing the launch of our Brighton Hospitality Workers campaign that's already causing boss's tears, a stolen wages victory against a hotel chain and their cleaning contractors, (go to post or pdf) (from Jul 2014)
Direct Action Solidarity #1 The first issue of a new newsletter focussed on direct action solidarity: tackling the little gripes and grievances from workplace bullying to wage theft to stolen deposits.  (go to post or pdf) (from Jan 2012)
November 30 strike bulletin Our strike bulletin for the November 30th public sector strike in Brighton. Download as a pdf below. (go to post or pdf) (from Nov 2011)
J30 strike bulletin Our bulletin for the June 30th public sector strikes. Including: (go to post or pdf) (from Jun 2011)
Newsletter #3 Our local newsletter, printed for a demo against cuts. (go to post or pdf) (from Oct 2010)
Newsletter #2: emergency budget special Newsletter to coincide with the announcement of the emergency austerity budget. (go to post or pdf) (from Jun 2010)
Newsletter #1: ‘Brighton Agitator’ Special 4-page freesheet produced for the occasion of the Radical Workers Bloc on the TUC ‘March for Jobs’. (go to post or pdf) (from Mar 2010)

Leaflets and pamphlets we wrote

Health & Social Care drop-in surgeries The Brighton SolFed Health & Social Care network holds drop-in surgeries on the last Monday of each month. (go to post or pdf) (from Jun 2015)
Health and Social Care drop in surgeries The Brighton Solfed Health and Social Care network holds monthly drop in surgeries, on the last Monday of each month. (go to post or pdf) (from May 2015)
Operation Pandora: Stop repression in Spain! On 16th December 11 anarchists were detained in Barcelona, in what is known as “Operation Pandora”. (go to post or pdf) (from Jan 2015)
Stop Casualisation: ADECCO This week Brighton SolFed is attending a call out for solidarity with Spanish workers of Arvato-Qualytel. This company provides the telecommunications services to Orange. (go to post or pdf) (from Jan 2015)
Stop ADECCO strike-breaking Workers at a Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) factory in Cordoba, Spain have been on indefinite strike since 28th November, camped out all day and night in front of the factory. (go to post or pdf) (from Jan 2012)
Student Radicals: an incomplete history of protest at the University of Sussex 1971-75 (go to post or pdf) (from Sep 2011)
Pro-strike/anti-scabbing posters Three generic posters for supporting strike action, available as a pdf. (go to post or pdf) (from Jul 2011)
Vodafone: tax dodgers AND union-busters Also available as a pdf file. (go to post or pdf) (from May 2011)
Education workers: Stop the Cuts at Sussex uni Leaflet we wrote after 115 redundancies were announced at Sussex university, where several of our members work or study. (go to post or pdf) (from Dec 2009)
For Workers Control - Lessons of recent struggles in the UK 8-page leaflet looking at what we can learn from the 2007 postal strike, the 2008 public sector strike and the 2009 Visteon occupation. (go to post or pdf) (from Sep 2009)
What is anarcho-syndicalism? This is a leaflet we produced in August 2009, explaining some basics of anarcho-syndicalism. (go to post or pdf) (from Aug 2009)
Stop the BNP, stop the real bigots Leaflet produced for a demo against the BNP launching a local branch in December 2008.   (go to post or pdf) (from Dec 2008)