This week Brighton SolFed is attending a call out for solidarity with Spanish workers of Arvato-Qualytel. This company provides the telecommunications services to Orange.

Arvato-Qualytel has a call centre in Salamanca in which comrades from CNT, our sister section in Spain, have decided to stand up against the abuses that they are suffering.

This company is covering the workforce through agencies like Adecco or Randstad. Hundreds of workers have to renew their contracts each ten, fifteen or thirty days and are sacked each two years for six month. In this way, the company is able to not give the workers fixed contacts.

By this practices Avrvato-Qualytel, like many other companies, keep workers scared at every moment. If they do not “full-fill the expectations” of their bosses or their manager does not like them it is not necessary even to sack them, they just have to tell the agency not to send them anymore.

Sadly this is becoming a very common practise around the world. Here, we have a lot of parasites like Adecco who make their profits by devaluating our work conditions.

However, our comrades have said enough is enough and they are holding a campaign demanding fair work conditions and the end to the casualised of work.

We support them, because for us there are no borders when we are talking about solidarity and because their problems are the same as ours.

Stop casualisation!

Stop exploitation

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