Anarcho-syndicalism in Brighton: talk and social
Saturday 30th April, 6pm at the Cowley Club

Day of action against exploitation
Sunday 1st May, 3pm at the Clock Tower

In the current climate, the powerful and their media have no choice but to aknowledge that something is not right in their paradise. It is no longer possible to hide the fact that our living & working condittions are rapidly going from bad to worse.

We are facing increasing exploitation at work with low pay and insecurity. A decent house is unaffordable even if you work hard. We face discrimination and criminalisation if we are black, women, migrant, disabled or belong to a vulnerable group, and... if you become homeless or dare to claim benefits: the lifestyle you have chosen is not acceptable, as the media and state officilas are there to remind you.

Meanwhile, your boss, your landlord and your MP are richer and more powerful than ever but your problems are apparently not their fault. It must be the fault of migrants, people on benefits, the EU or God (that is punishing you for your laziness)!

On the other hand, you have the new and not so new faces who are here to make some minor corrections to the system. You don't need to do anything but vote for them or join their party.

Given these circumstances, the International Workers Day cannot be a celebration but a protest. We need to say loud and clear that we don't want to be the cheap workforce of their companies and the pasive spectators of their political circus.

We, the workers, claimants and tenants, who form Brighton-SolFed, are trying to build an alternative in our daily experience. We are fighting hard to defend ourselves in our workplaces and in the streets. If we are given competitiveness, exploitation and ballots, we answer with solidarity, mutual support and direct action.

We call out to all the Brighton working class to join our May Day activities.

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