On Saturday Brighton Solidarity Federation held a ‘Stuff Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Know’ stall and distribution in Brighton’s busy London Road shopping area. Pitching up at 10.30, we welcomed considerable interest from passing public as well as calling into businesses and workplaces, promoting the benefits of worker’s self-organisation and solidarity in response to issues such as low pay, poor conditions, lack of holiday and maternity entitlement and management harassment.

Of the 10 high street shops visited only one worker claimed to have no workplace issues, while workers at a fast food chain and pharmacy were enthusiastic and told us they will get in touch about organising around specific grievances. It should come as no surprise that virtually all workers we approached expressed dissatisfaction at their working conditions and seemed glad to have the opportunity to air their discontent. One worker complained about being sent on endless unpaid training courses and given ever-greater responsibility without any increase in pay, and we are hopeful of hearing more on this one. At another business we started to withdraw when a worker called his supervisor over, only for the supervisor to rant about his treatment by management before asking for a leaflet!

Passers-by stopped to ask about Solidarity Federation and helped themselves to the wide array of free leaflets, stickers and Catalyst, as well as joining our email list. Contact was also made with public sector workers and students planning to strike on N30.

This was the third stall and distribution held in this area and it’s gratifying to hear that workers and the public are becoming more aware of how SolFed organise. Monthly stalls are planned both in and outside of Brighton and will in future promote dates for Workplace Organiser training and drop-ins.   

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