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CN: Sexual assault

Brighton Solfed have taken a collective decision to permanently exclude a member due to allegations of sexual assault made against them. The member was formally suspended at the end of April, after we were informed that they had been excluded from two other groups, and since then attempts were made to try and start a process whereby this member could be held accountable for their actions. However, due to the survivors’ wishes for space and privacy, this was not possible in any transformative sense without going against the survivors’ autonomy.

In light of this, the Brighton local of Solidarity Federation has taken the decision to permanently exclude the member from the group. Our reasons for this are:

  • We believe the survivors
  • The refusal of this member to acknowledge even the possibility that they have caused harm
  • The local has decided that we don’t feel safe in this members presence

In our decision, we are following other groups who have excluded this person.
Attempts were made to guide this member towards acknowledgment of their abusive behaviour and to seek therapy. Due to the circumstances, and to respect survivors privacy, we will not be making any more statements on this situation. However, we will be reflecting on this situation internally as Solfed, and we are currently working towards clarifying our process and our approach to these instances of abuse within our communities.

Brighton Solfed take matters of abuse very seriously, and many of our members have found this situation very stressful and upsetting. Our thoughts and solidarity go out to all survivors of abuse.

Brighton Solfed have taken this action because survivors need to be believed, and our organising spaces need to be safe for all, including our members. Solfed are fighting for a better society, a society in which survivors are respected, and any form of abuse is confronted.

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