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For the past few weeks Brighton SolFed and friends have been supporting a tenant that got evicted with a week's notice!
The tenant, a Spanish immigrant that doesn't speak English at all, had been living in a sub-letted shared room with an other sub-lettee in deplorable conditions of mold. Solidarity Federation helped mediating with the live-in sub-letter, but they refused any facilitation of eviction and responded by violently scaring the tenant to leave the property. After a huge show of support in front of the landlord's flat - where almost 20 members and friends turned up to help -  temporary accommodation was found for the tenant.

The sub-letter still refuses to open communication with Brighton SolFed, even to retrieve the flat's keys. They haven't acknowledged the physical and psychological abuses. Abuse of poor and vulnerable tenants is not uncommon. We should organise to respond to those abuses!

If you have trouble with your landlord, want to organise, want to help other tenants, get in touch with us! or

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