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As part of the the 3rd National Day of Protest against Benefit Cuts West Yorkshire Solidarity Federation organized a picket of the ATOS Origin regional headquarters (who carry out medicals for the DWP) followed by a picket of A4e and Best who get paid for getting people into low paid employment.

About 20 people turned up including WYSF, AF, SWP and a guy who’d come from Manchester despite having walking difficulties. 

Outside ATOS there was a noisy presence and a “photo opportunity”, where a professional photographer took various photo’s, don’t know where these ended up.

Following this we headed off to A4e/Best.  Along the way we lost the SWP who disappeared and never turned up at A4e/Best.

Outside A4e/Best we leafleted clients and the public.  A lot of discussions with Best clients took place between ex Best client on the demo and present clients who “supported” Best. Across the road we heard from 3 former Best clients who were very hostile to Best.

We had a couple of queries about the Red and Black flags.  Overall a good day and the public were generally receptive towards the leaflets.  We would like to thank everyone who took part and hope to carry on putting pressure on these corporate leeches. 

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