¡Solidaridad con los comaneros inmigrantes del sector de La Limpieza!


The North London Local of the Solidarity Federation would like to extend our fullest solidarity and support to the Guildhall cleaners who are struggling to claim their rightful wages.  Despite the various international backgrounds of the cleaners, they've stood firm and held two days of strikes.

While supporting the cleaner's struggle (most impressively a two hour occupation of the reception area of contractor Ocean, whom they work for) we are calling on Ocean and the City of London to pay these workers what they are owed.  To this end, the NLSF will attend and promote any solidarity actions that occur on their behalf.

As the cleaners are affiliated the Industrial Workers of the World, please see for further updates.


Varios companeros de Limpieza, miembros del sindicato I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World), han llevado a cabo dos días de huelga, reclamando salarios impagados.

El grupo local del norte de Londres de la Solidarity Federation-I.W.A. (A.I.T.), exige a su empleador, la empresa "Ocean", que pague a los trabadores de inmediato  la cantidad adeudada. Hasta que esto ocurra, N.L.S.F.-I.W.A. , promoverá cualquier acción de solidaridad en apoyo a estos companeros.

Contra la explotación, Solidaridad y Acción Directa!