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Over the last few weeks the Manchester Solidarity Federation has been escalating the campaign against Laibaz restaurant in Bolton. As well as further phone blockades, we have leafleted in Bolton, organised a poster campaign and held a stall outside of the restaurant. The support we have received from groups and individuals has been tremendous and we would urge people to continue with their support for the campaign.

The owner of the restaurant, Sunar Alom, has responded to the campaign with verbal abuse and by posting lies and smears against the workers involved on social media. Needless to say, wild accusations such as these will not deflect from Laibaz’s shocking treatment of its staff. Nor will such allegations deflect the Solidarity Federation from our continuing campaign in support of the workers involved. We will now be stepping up the campaign against the owner until he returns all the wages he has stolen and to prevent him from robbing workers in the future

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This article was published on 9 September 2016 by the SolFed group in Manchester. Other recent articles:

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