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My partner Joshua Mcrae is one of those prisoners still serving an IPP sentence. Joshua was just 17 at the time of his alleged offence and 18 when tried as an adult and given a tariff of 4 years.Joshua has spent 11 years in prison so far....

Despite all of the things that have happened to Joshua while in prison, he has not reacted in a way that suggests he would harm anyone physically. He has not been charged with harming other prisoners and has shared a cell without issue. The idea behind the IPP sentence was to protect the public and yet the criteria that they have to fit to ‘prove’ they are not a risk is almost impossible. Comparing prison to the community is ludicrous, there are many more issues than those highlighted in the prison service, acts of violence are more apparent than in the typical community, drug use is higher than ever and corruption is again becoming more and more common. Issues are magnified and sadly there is nowhere to retreat to except inside your own mind. Human nature means that we all have a need to feel loved, secure, safe….how do we provide that in a prison environment?

The simple answer is we don’t. Joshua of late has been very low in mood and has retreated into himself. He feels hopeless and desperate as he feels he is never coming home. I can honestly say I am scared for him and the future should he have to spend another 11 years in prison. This sentence is a never ending nightmare for all of us that have a loved one in this position and of course the person who is subject to it. Goal posts are constantly being moved and it is impossible to achieve anything in respect of gaining rele

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