As of November 2013 there is no active West Yorks local.

Saturday 20 April Anti-Bedroom Tax demo, Leeds

Members of Solidarity Federation West Yorkshire and Calderdale Locals and Leeds Anarchist Federation joined over 1,000 marchers at the Leeds Anti-Bedroom Tax demonstration called by Hands Off Our Homes - Leeds on 20 April 2013.

Protesters assembled outside Leeds City Art gallery before a short march round the city centre, finishing with a rally and speakers.

SF opposes all government austerity measures as despicable attacks on the living standards of our class. Working class solidarity and direct action like strikes and eviction-prevention are what is needed to beat back the rich scum in power.

Anti Workfare Poundland Picket (Wakefield)

WYSF and SRSM were joined by members of AFed in the picket at Poundland. Although it started slow we distributed 250 leaflet well within the hour. Reception seemed pretty good and we retired to the pub to discuss future actions. Between the 3 groups it was decided to continue to picket such p[laces as Poundlandand to include A4e and BEST in future pickets. Thanks to everyone who turned out, keep tuned for future actions!

Holland and Barrett Picket in Halifax

Members of West Yorkshire Solidarity Federation were joined by Huddersfield Anarchists to picket Holland and Barrett in Halifax today as part the anti workfare campaign in conjunction with the IWA days of action.
We were met with a good response overall and gave out 250 leaflets. H&B had a member of staff on the door to "welcome shoppers" which shows they were worried we'd have an impact.
One person who we gave a leaflet to took it to the local Job Centre and handed it round. It apparently went down well. Other feedback included an ex member of staff at H&B who stated that they were a rubbish employer and leaving was the best thing she'd ever done.
This isn't the end, we will continue to hold pickets at various H&B branches (as well as other slave labour companies ) until they stop using unpaid slave labour.

Thousands of disabled people and people on "sick" to lose benefits on the 30th April

As part of the Governments Welfare Reform Bill (now an Act), Contributory Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will be limited to 12 months.  This comes into affect from the 30th April 2012 and for the first time is to be aplplied retrospectively.  This means that anyone who has been on Contribution based ESA for a year or more by April 30th will lose this benefit on April 30th.  For many this means relying on a partners income for others it means taking a cut in income while having to go on income based ESA.  The biggest losers are couples.

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