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Another year, another book fair. We had the usual material with the usual positive responses. We distributed workers' and tenants' rights material to help give people the tools and knowledge to fight back for what we are entitled to.

The classic Abolish Restaurant’s zine was a favourite among many, alongside Bundschuhconspiracy’s t-shirts.

SolFed also took part in the ‘What do we mean by direct action?’ workshop alongside Haringey Housing Action Group and Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty. There were true similarities between the different groups supporting members and individuals, trying to collectivise and empower people whilst raising class-consciousness. The meeting came to a close with a sincere, inspirational account from a Haringey Housing Action Group member who retold her experience of solidarity from the group and how it is only when we stand together we can fight back and build a true community with mutual support.

In true spirit of direct action, we also continued our phone blockade with an active dispute here in Brighton, much to the disappointment of the exploitative restaurant. 

The full day came to a close with our members from different locals catching up or meeting for the first time and with comrades from elsewhere over a few drinks before departing home.

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