Brighton SolFed's statement on solidarity in the struggle

This information has been put together for groups who may be interested in affiliating to or organising with us. We regularly work with other groups. However, before formally working together, we actively check how safely a group organises and their connections to known-abusers, as a pre-condition.

SolFed welcomes working class people of all education backgrounds, genders, sexuality, ethnicity, race, immigration status and those with all forms of accessibility needs*; (other than people barred by our constitution).

We recognise there are many reasons why people find it difficult to involve themselves in organising, so we strive to figure out ways to work together. Reach out to us at


We take member safety seriously. We have developed an accountability process if any abusive behaviour occurs. When issues are not resolved, we will exclude members when necessary.

We regularly work with other groups. Before formally working together, we actively check how safely they organise and their connections to known-abusers, as a pre-condition.

We will not work with abusive groups, known-abusers or their apologists. These groups include: Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and all their fronts, Movement for Justice (MFJ), and the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG). SolFed will not normalise the presence of, or give platform to, known abusers and their apologists in liberatory struggles.


SolFed is fighting for a better society - a society in which survivors are respected and any form of abuse is confronted. Only by building a culture of solidarity can we hope to build a libertarian communist movement that is truly free of oppression. Our ultimate goal is a stateless, classless society based on the principle of 'from each according to ability, to each according to need'.


If your group would like to formally organise with Brighton SolFed please contact us at explaining how we can work together. Please also read our accountability policy and send a delegate to a meeting with us. Acceptance of our accountability policy, and of this values statement, is a pre-condition of our organising together. We see organising together as collaboration and active participation - please contact us in advance of any actions so that our members can be involved throughout.

Brighton Solidarity Federation
March 2019


*This list is by no means exhaustive

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