Jimmy's restaurant continues to refuse to repay its former workers over £1500 in stolen holiday pay, nor return their P45s. After contact with the initial three workers, and their friends who either have worked for or continue to work for the restaurant, we can see that their case is all but unique. Jimmy's is refusing to treat its employees with respect and we will keep fighting until they do so.

Last Saturday we began actions in earnest, having before given in a list of demands and leafleted workers about their rights. About 7 SolFed representatives, as well as the three workers (and two other former workers) went inside the restaurant, with three of us talking to the manager (as unhelpful as ever, passing the buck to a head office that seems to be uncontactable by even a franchise boss). The rest went through, distributing flyers with the details of the case to the customers, leaving them on tables, before leaving and handing them to people entering and leaving Jimmy's. Many of the public came up to us asking for more details of the case - some turning away to look elsewhere to eat. This is, with hope, a sign of things to come. We will continue escalating our actions until the workers are reinstated in full.

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