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Job Centre workers in the PCS union are on strike today to defend their pensions, but this is our fight too. The government’s attacks on job centre workers go hand-in-hand with their attacks on claimants. On the one hand they lower the terms and conditions of job centre staff, on the other they force claimants onto privately-run workfare schemes like the Flexible New Deal, through for-profit companies like Maximus, Skills Training and Careers Development Group. Meanwhile they force ill and disabled people off the sick (ESA) and onto Jobseekers Allowance (JSA).

This is all part of a wider attack by the government and bosses on workers and claimants across the country, Europe and beyond. It’s going to take broad resistance to beat these cuts – by standing together now we can build the solidarity we’ll need in the struggles ahead. Since you’re here – why not join the picket line, or at least have a chat with pickets to show your support?

Solidarity Federation – Unwaged Workers Network

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