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Cambridge: Solfed local in formation

        A new Solidarity Federation local is being formed in Cambridge, and is holding regular meetings and activities.
        Since the start of the year we have been involved with or initiated a number of actions including:-
  •            Benefit Sanctions pickets of Job Centre
  •            Housing demos including of Property Fair and Letting Agents
  •            Boycott Workfare picket of Salvation Army shop.
  •            Support of John Lewis cleaners
        We have cooperated with an informal group of Unite Community activists on most of these actions.
        Among other thing we also organised a SolFed stall at this years Strawberry Fair.

New Solfed group in Norwich

A group of SolFed supporters are launching a new local in Norwich.

Inspired by the actions taken by other SolFed locals across the country, we believe that we can encourage the same, much needed, spirit of collective direct action against oppressive and exploitative forces in Norwich.

We have been meeting fortnightly in Norwich city centre since the middle of 2014 and have already been active under the SolFed banner, most notably through protests against Workfare. We are keen to increase our organisation and action in the coming year and beyond, particularly in the form of localised, specific direct action.

Calderdale SolFed (in formation)

We are Calderdale Solidarity Federation, a new Local in-formation made up from members who live and/or work in the area of the Calder Valley - Halifax, Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge - and currently are active as members of West Yorkshire SF. Given the large area that WYSF covers, we have decided to form our own Local to spread anarcho-syndicalist ideas and ways of organising in our own communities, whilst still maintaining strong links with WYSF.

Please get in touch, at westyorkshire[at]solfed[dot]org[dot]uk or through the West Yorkshire SolFed contact point on this website, if you would like to get involved or find out more.



Hastings Solidarity Federation launch meeting

Our members in Hastings are launching a new Local. Tuesday, 9 October 2012 at 19:00, venue tbc. There is a Facebook event here.

If you're interesting in joining the Solidarity Federation, or you're just curious what we're about, please come along.

The Solidarity Federation ('SolFed') is a revolutionary union initiative: a working class organisation which seeks the abolition of capitalism and the state. If you’re a worker (employed, unemployed, disabled, retired...) and think that this life doesn’t give you everything you deserve and that your work does not let you develop yourself, if you want a world without capitalism and hierarchy, then there are good reasons to join the Solidarity Federation.

Solfed in Croydon

Solfed members are organising a new local group in and around Croydon.

We believe that by standing up collectively against the forces that try to oppress and exploit us; bosses, bankers, landlords and the state we can win better working and living conditions and begin the process of undermining capitalism.

We envision that a future society based on co-operation, equality and direct democracy can replace the inequality and poverty, war, frustration, suffering, and environmental destruction we live with now.

If you want to get involved, or are just getting interested in anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian ideas and want to learn more get in touch.

National Delegate Council accepts new Hull local

Last night, the Solidarity Federation held a National Delegate Council, during which delegates from our existing local formally voted to accept our new Hull local's request to affiliate. We are pleased to welcome our new local into the national federation.

The affiliation of the Hull local is just the latest development in the expanding of the organisation. We are also in the process of actively forming locals in Glasgow, Chester, Hastings, Portsmouth/Southampton, Dorset, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Cambridge.

If you agree with Solidarity Federation's aims and principles and wish to join us, get in touch.

New Local in Formation - Oxford & Reading

We are very pleased to announce the formation of a new Local - Oxford and Reading!

Founded by a group of class struggle Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists, the new Local will look to jointly cover both cities as a constituent part of the larger Federation. We will be looking to promote the messages of direct democracy, direct action and worker self-organisation in Oxford, Reading and the surrounding area.

We are due to have our inaugural meeting in the coming weeks, and shall be looking to complete our official afilliation with the Solidarity Federation very soon. If you are interested in Anarcho-Syndicalism and live or work nearby, get in touch with us! We can be contacted through the contact form here on the website.



In Solidarity,

Oxford & Reading SolFed