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On Monday 9th May, Liverpool Solidarity Federation organised a picket of the offices of Atos Origin. This was as part of a national week of action against the company, being paid millions by the government to throw disabled people off benefits.

Atos's contact with the DWP to carry out "work capability assessments" is worth £300 million. Their system has previously provoked concern from the very doctors who carry them out, and over 8,000 appeals are heard every month for Employment and Support Allowance alone. Three people have even died as a result of having their support removed, and at the time of their death still awaiting the results of their appeal.

As with the last time we picketed the office, the response from the public was a positive one. With a larger turnout and more signs on show, it was also a lot easier to draw people's attention to what was going on and pique their curiosity so that they took a leaflet.

But, of course, handing out leaflets isn't the end of it. People continue to suffer as a result of the assessments delivered by Atos and the pressure needs to be maintained on them until this despicable practice ends. This week of action will no doubt not be the last, and we as others are determined to make the voices of the most vulnerable heard.

View more photos from the picket here.

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