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Casualised Strikebreaking at its Finest


ADECCO: Stop Supplying Strikebreakers to Asea Brown Boveri factory in Cordoba, Spain.


CNT Valladolid se solidariza con los trabajadores de Eulen en ABB Córdoba


Employment agencies have long been criticised for profiting from casualisation, precarious emploment and for creating an increasing insecure job market. However, ADECCO, the largest employment agency in the world, has now taken this to a whole new level. Not content to simply lower wages and job security through inferior short term contracts, ADECCO has now gotten into the business of strikebreaking.


Workers at a Asea Boveri Brown (ABB) factory in Cordoba Spain have been on indefinite strike since 28th November, camped out all day and night in front of the factory. The strike was called in protest at ABB plans to make workers employed by subcontractors EULEN at the factory redundant and replace them with EUROCEN non-union labour with no experience or qualifications. EUROCEN is the logistics division of the ADECCO Group of companies.


Their union the National Conferation of Labour (CNT) points out that the problems related to the work in ABB are also related to outsourcing in general. The workers who were employed through EULEN in fact worked for ABB and took orders from them, but they have a much lower salary and worse working conditions than regular ABB workers and ABB took no responsibility for them as an employer. There were serious breaches of health and safety and inadequate equipment provided. There is also the fact that the relevant collective agreements for the work they actually perform were not applied. Management's refusal to address these issues also led to the strike. First management responded by hiring scab labour from ADECCO. Then they fired all the strikers. By continuing to provide strikebreakers, ADECCO is complicit in ABB's continued union repression at the factory where there have been a number of union victories over the last 2 years.


The workers of the Cordoba factory in Spain are demanding what all workers deserve: fair pay, respect on the job, and a safe working environment. Austerity is providing employers in the public and private sectors alike with the excuse to attack our pay and working conditions. We must stand together—across borders, industries and trade unions—and fight back.


Employment agencies have exploited us long enough. A win for workers at ABB, a giant multinational that operates in over 100 countries, will not only improve working conditions for Spanish workers, it will let employment agencies like ADECCO know that workers are willing to fight back against their unscrupulous practices.


We demand that sacked strikers are re-instated, management talks with the workforce, and that ADECCO stop providing scab labour .






Want to help?


Send a message to ADECCO demanding they cease this disgusting behaviour -


Demand for contracted workers at the ABB factory:


1.  Equal Pay to other workers at the factory.

2.  Respect on the job.

3.  A safe working environment.

4.  That management talk to the striking workers.

5.  That Adecco stop providing scabs for strikebreaking.

6.  That the sacked workers are re-instated.


7. Collective bargaining agreements.


8. Job Security.

Model message to be sent to ADECCO-EUROCEN via their website contact page:


Cut and paste the following:


ADECCO: Para de traer esquiroles a la fabrica ABB de Cordoba.


Eurocen-Adecco promueven el esquirolaje en la fabrica ABB.


Exijimos por los trabajadores contratados en la fabrica ABB:

1. Que se terminen con la arbritrariedad en el pago de los salarios.

2. Respeto en el trabajo.

3. Un entorno seguro en el trabajo.

4. Que la empresa abra negociaciones con los trabajadores en huelga.

5. Que Adecco deje de traer rompehuelgas.

6. Readmision de los trabajadores despedidos.

7. Convenios colectivos.

8.Estabilidad en el trabajo.

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