Sussex University outsourcing update

  • More demonstrations. Tuesday's demonstration happened despite Unison emailing its members saying the demo was cancelled.
  • University Vice-Chancellor Michael Farthing bullshitted his way through open staff meetings (reports from staff: 1, 2). A student was physically removed by Head of Security Roger Morgan. Outside contractors were used for security, which suggests management know they've lost the trust of the in-house security staff they're outsourcing.
  • Farthing did however admit that outsourcing and privatisation is about "agility and flexibility", i.e. casualisation of terms and conditons. Confirmed from the horse's mouth.
  • Sussex Workers have set up a blog and twitter account for information and discussion on stopping the privatisation plans. There is also the existing facebook group.
  • Sussex House workers reportedly refused to remove a banner reading 'an injury to one is an injury to all' which students had hung from the roof so management had to call in outside contractors.

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