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Classroom assistants were out on strike on Tuesday 26th at Horizon and Downsview special schools in Hackney, over a regrading issue which would see low paid staff lose out by around £200 a month.
All the permanent classroom assistants were out on strike. Classroom assistants on probation and agency staff went in but held up messages of support at the windows.
The classroom assistants, who do a lot of the frontline work with special needs children, told us how they felt the management didn’t value their work or care about their wellbeing at all, even when they get hurt at work. They said they stayed in the job due to love of working with children, but they felt totally undervalued.
There were other people on the picket line in solidarity, including librarians, council workers, children’s services staff and FE teachers. The pickets were raucous and high energy, with people dancing and singing and shouting, and were very friendly and happy to have other workers there on the picket line.

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