General pimps

The GMB has a new deal with the Bank of Scotland to create a new improved credit card. The union blurb to members boast that the GMB used its power to “negotiate a great deal”. This at a time when debt in Britain is at an all time high and debt counsellors report that the number of people contacting them with debt problems has trebled since last year. Not so long ago, unions sought to improve workers lives - some even sought to overthrow capitalism. Now it seems, they have been reduced to pimping business on behalf of capitalism.
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Racism Kills

Jermaine Lee, a postman in Birmingham, was just 26 when he hanged himself . He left a heartbreaking suicide note for his mother in which he described why he had been driven to take such a tragic step. His parents have won the right to a posthumous employment tribunal which will take place in April. They contend he had been “bullied and harrassed by a number of managers”. Why? Because he was black.

No amount of re-branding and public image massage will do - capitalism and nationalism breed racism and bullying. To do away with both, we must first dispose of capitalism and realise the value of human life.
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Many people think anarchists have paranoid delusions about McDonald's. Well, maybe we haven't been paranoid enough. According to this bastion of the establishment, McDonald's have extended their well-known legal attacks against any business using “Mc” in their name. They sued a sausage stand in Denmark (McAlian's), a coffee shop in California (run by a woman named McCaughhey) and a British sandwich shop (named McMunchies). The worst so far was the health care company in Switzerland named McWellness. McDonald's say they might want to branch out into medical services, and see McWellness as copycats... Other McDonald's registered trademarks include “McTravel” and “McFuture”… The future suddenly seems tasteless.

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