March 2001: Global Women's Strike

On 8 March 2000, women in 64 countries went on strike! Prepare for 8th March 2001 - strike for a world which values all women's work & all women's lives, an end to no pay, low pay & too much work.
Called & co-ordinated by the International Wages for Housework Campaign, Crossroads Women's Centre, 230a Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2AB. Tel: 020 7482 2496 Fax: 020 7209 4761 E-mail: Website:

Justice for Mark Barnsley

Mark Barnsley is an activist, fitted up prisoner and victim of the state. He has refused to bow to the prison regime or admit to a crime he did not commit. As a result, he has refused parole and has recently been segregated - again. Contact the Justice for Mark Barnsley Campaign for details on how you can help with actions and solidarity.
Write to: Justice for Mark Barnsley - PO Box 381, Huddersfield HD13XX. Write to Mark directly at his new address: Mark Barnsley WA2897- HMP Frankland, Brasside, Durham DH1 5YD.

National Civil Rights Movement

Support for asylum seekers. Pickets of ASDA by Manchester Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers, c/o Immigration Aid Unit, 400 Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester M8 9LE. Email;
Nationally, contact NCRM, 14 featherstone Rd, Southall, Middx UB2 5AA. Tel. 020 8574 0818

Simon Jones Campaign

Simon Jones was killed within 2 hours of starting work as a casual dock labourer. Recently, the Simon Jones memorial campaign has won a landmark victory - they have forced the HSE to take the most unusual step - to prosecute his employers for corporate manslaughter. For the latest and how to help, see Stickers, posters and a campaign video are available for a donation; cheques should be sent to Simon Jones Memorial Campaign, PO Box 2600, Brighton BN2 2DX.

Casualisation Kills

Public Meeting, Saturday 10th February 7.30pm. Free entrance - discussion and video.
Venue: Rutland Arms, 86 Brown St, Sheffield S1. For details of other meetings around the country, contact Catalyst.

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