This year's Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is looking at "Building an anarchist future". As part of this dialogue Bristol SF will be hosting a workshop on:

Healthcare Beyond the State. For a people's NHS

What can we learn from recent NHS struggles that could help shape a health service based not on some golden age that never was but instead on the principles of direct democracy and mutual aid? How can we provide progressive healthcare without the bureaucrats and the bosses?

Here is how Bookfair Collective hope that the workshops and meetings with develop the theme of "Building an anarchist future".

"For this year’s bookfair we would really like to hear about workshops and discussions that are focused on skills/possibilities/solutions/ongoing struggles for the future. We would especially welcome participatory workshops where we can learn from each other and take steps to move away from the culture of the ‘expert’. We are looking for exciting, inspiring and empowering conversations at this year’s bookfair. We realise that acoustic issues in previous years have made discussion difficult. This year we will be moving spaces around a little to try to overcome this issue as much as possible. This means that rather than a main workshop space we will have a few smaller spaces, so that several conversations can happen at once."

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair will take place on Saturday 30. April 2016. Details on the time of this workshop and the space will be shared as soon as we have news.

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