Brighton Solfed Housing Union: Deposit Theft

Anyone who has ever rented will know that landlords and agencies regularly withhold huge amounts of money from tenants’ deposits, at a point when we really need that money back. If this has happened to you, you'll also probably be familiar with deductions that are either uncosted, or that are for things that the landlord should pay for, such as wear and tear. If this is your situation, you can use this letter, and then this letter, and finally this letter, to challenge your agency to provide receipts for any work that they allege needs doing, and to remind them that wear and tear is the responsibility of the landlord, which usually brings the costs down significantly.

If you are having trouble with an agency keeping part or all of your deposit and they are unresponive to these letters, you can also get in touch with us at to talk about other ways that you can fight back against this. We have experience supporting tenants who have had their deposit withheld - in such cases we helped the tenants put their demands to the agency/landlord and to organise a protest campaign. We believe winning such individual cases will benefit all tenants, as it makes it harder for agencies to get away with ripping tenants off. The more that we all fight back, the harder it is for agencies to exploit us in this way. You can read about the build-up to these successful anti-deposit theft campaigns here, here, and here, and about the victories that they resulted in here.